Can you hear us Dr Beeching?

A funny title you may think but I was recently reading an article that made me aware of proposals for a privately owned single track railway that would ply between Barnstaple and Braunton along the line of the old railway that existed till 1970 when it was axed under the plans of Dr Beeching and, following a failed attempt to preserve the line in 1975, it was progressively upgraded to a path/cycle track and dubbed part of the Tarka Trail.

So there is now serious proposals to build a modern light railway between Barnstaple and Braunton. Jo and I have lived in Braunton for over 34 years and seen traffic grow to the point that even out of season there is quite a problem. Now, we think the new train line would attract workers and shoppers alike, and boost business in Braunton and Barnstaple. Tourists would also be attracted too.... We have walked and cycled along the Tarka Trail many times and the new train line would allow for the path to remain.

This is a 1972 photo of the station in Braunton but that wouldn't be possible because of the accretion of buildings along the line as you approach the village so it's difficult to imagine where the new station would be but I'm sure they have thought of this.

A great idea but will it happen??????????

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